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Supplemental Online Homeschool Learning – Elephango Review

I was provided free access to Elephango in exchange for sharing my honest review

As a busy homeschool mom, I am always looking for resources that assist me and supplement our homeschool lessons. I am excited to share this online homeschool learning program, Elephango, and how you can incorporate these lessons in your homeschool.

What is Elephango Online Learning

Elephango is an online platform that offers pre-made lesson plans on thousands of topics for all grades K-12! If you looking to incorporate unique lessons that are driven by interest for your kids- Elephango is the perfect resource.

Elephango has lesson plans ranging a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Core Subjects – English, Language Arts, Math & Science
  • Social Studies- World History, American History, Geography
  • College & Career Readiness
  • Life Skills
  • Reading – Book Lesson Plan Chapter by Chapter
  • Technology
  • and so much more……check out sample lessons here

Lesson Plans with Elephango

Each lesson from Elephango varies, including interactive activities, print outs, additional websites to reference, assessments, and educational videos.

Each lesson provides step by step instructions how to navigate through the lesson.

The lessons will include recommend grade level as well as the learning style and personality style that will take best to these lessons

I enjoy that there is always a supplies list included with each lesson so you can plan accordingly.

You can even print the lessons for offline planning!

Where to Start with Elephango

If you are wondering where to start with Elephango’s 1000’s of lessons- they put together a JumpStart plan for each grade level. This pieces lessons together to create a learning plan to get your child started.

In the jumpstart program there are specific grade level badges that include multiple lessons to complete before your child gets rewarded with the badge.

Create Learning Independence With Elephango

Elephango is decided to build independent learning for students. A great feature to build on that independence is the safe search extension.

The Elephango Chrome extension–creates a safe search Google landing page where kids can search both Elephango and Google in safety.

Spark curiosity and make learning fun with Elephango’s Google Chrome extension. Discover fun facts and interesting new topics. Access thousands of lessons and activities. Search all of Elephango instantly. -Expand your search results using Google Safe Search.

Elephango and Google work together to give you search results that are filtered and tailored based upon the interests you’ve set in Elephango, so you see what fits you first. As your search results expand past Elephango, Google Safe Search blocks unsafe or inappropriate results.

Learn your Child’s Learning Style and Personality with Assessments

Something I really enjoyed with my membership to Elephango, is the provided learning assessments that you and your children can take.

These 3 learning assessments teach you and educate you about the induvial learning style, learning environment, and the learning personality descriptor for each person taking the assessments.

I took the assessments and thought they matched up really well! This really helps us as homeschool parents adapt our homeschool lessons to the individual needs of our kids.

Elephango offers lessons categorized by these learning styles as well!

My Final Thoughts on Elephango

Elephango is a great tool to add to your homeschool toolbelt. This opens the door to incorporate interest led lessons for your kids and have 1000’s of pre-planned lessons ready to go!

Having this resource eases my mind knowing I have a huge collection of lessons ready to go. If I want to go deeper into a specific topic, I just search and pull together some of the lesson plans.

Try Elephango and add this resource to your homeschool journey!

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