Human Body Unit Study -FREE Lesson Plan & Resource Guide!

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I really wanted a Human Body Unit that worked for my family and included some great resources! This fun and engaging homeschool unit study can be used across various ages and levels and is easy to adapt! I am sharing all the resources we used as well as a FREE Lesson plan guide to help you use in your homeschool. You can download the FREE 21-page PDF, 13 Lesson Guide below!


Here is a list of all the Resources I used:

Main Course Material

Main Course Activity Books

Additional Read-Alouds

Additional Grade Extensions

Fun Add on Activities ( I used these in multiple lessons)


Download FREE Human Body Unit Lesson Plan & Resource Guide Link Below:

This Human Body Unit Study is something I put together for my family, Feel free to use as a guide to create your own unit study! I am a homeschool mom to three kids, I have 9 & 7 year old daughters as well as a 3 year old son. These lessons can be used across all elementary age levels and can be adjusted for lower and higher grades. Any resources used including books and videos should always be prescreened by the parent, just because it works in my home does not mean it will work in yours.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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  1. This looks great! I can see where it will save others a ton of work. I always appreciate when someone else has done the work for me so I can focus on other projects.

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