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Self-Paced Online Entrepreneurship Homeschool Class

Do you have a child full of ideas and ready to start a business? Nurture that drive in your young entrepreneurs with this new exciting course!

I received this course free of charge to share my honest thoughts and opinion, and I received compensation for my time.

If you’re like me and you want to help your kids develop some super cool skills, I’ve got something awesome to share. I recently discovered an incredible course that’s all about teaching kids the ins and outs of starting and running their own business. And guess what? It’s not your typical boring stuff – they learn all this by pretending to own a band! How cool is that?

This brand new course is from Mr.D Math, you can check out the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Self-Paced Course here.

We have used various courses from Mr.D Math and love the easy and flexibility of the self-paced online courses! Interested in learning about Mr.D’s American Sign Language Course– Check out my review on that here.

The Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Course

The Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship course is recommended for grades 7 and up which would be perfect for the middle school and high school years as an elective course or college prep course.

This course is set up as an online self-paced course, your student will access the course via an online portal and complete the lessons on their own time.

Just because this is a self-paced course, you will have a course instructor that you can reach out to for question and assistance with the course.

What to Expect in this Entrepreneurship Course

This course guides you through essential skills for starting and running your own business. You become a band owner (choose your type of band) and learn by making decisions for it. Dive into the entrepreneur’s journey – from innovation and branding to funding, earning, growing market share, and even selling your business.

This online self-paced course is divided into 6 modules. The topics in each module is included below:

Module 1: Innovating the Startup

  • Making decisions and thinking differently
  • Making trade offs to unlock value for others
  • Finding problems and solving them through innovation
  • Identifying and improving on interests
  • Practicing your new entrepreneurship skills by starting a band

Module 2: Branding the Startup

  • Building awareness and trust with a brand
  • Building your personal brand
  • Practicing by branding The Band

Module 3: Funding the Startup

  • Identifying capital needs
  • Raising capital
  • Financial starting point for The Band

Module 4: Status Check Through Storytelling

  • Storytelling in business
  • Understanding the balance sheet
  • Understanding the income statement

Module 5: Building Value

  • Selling more things
  • Selling “stuff” and not just services
  • Setting financial goals

Module 6: Now What?

  • Staying and growing the business
  • Selling and going

Throughout the course the student can expect to work through video lessons with assignments, homework and assessments. The instructor of the course will provide feedback on items submitted by the student.

Prepare your Homeschool Student for College

Another great benefit of using the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Course from Mr.D Math is preparing your older students for future college courses. The setup of these self-paced courses is very similar to some college courses I’ve taken.

These courses teach kids to be responsible without a teacher or parent harping over them.

The student will be responsible for completing the course material and taking the knowledge they learn to complete assignments and take assessments. They will also receive a grade for the assessments.

This is the perfect way to introduce more independent courses that they may take in the college years.

Why I Love This Self-Paced Entrepreneurship Course

I know how important it is for our kids to learn stuff that’ll really help them in life. This Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship course is a game-changer because it makes learning about business exciting and hands-on. I mean, who knew starting a band could teach so much, right?

Moms, if you’re looking for a super fun way to teach your kids about business and creativity, this course is a must-try. It’s like giving them a backstage pass to the world of entrepreneurship. So, let’s rock their education with something they’ll actually love and use for life!

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