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Teaching a Preschooler to Write Letters – ABC Writing Lesson Review

This past August we “officially” started preschool with my son who was 3 when we started. I say this very lightly as we have no official preschool schedule. We have lots of different resources that we sit down and use whenever we have time and my son is in a school mood. Mostly we focus on things like playing- that’s really all a preschooler needs!

My son actually likes doing school, so that is why it’s more led by him when we ask when we will do some lessons. He has been extremely interested in learning to write his name- which is pretty exciting! I remembered that Timberdoodle gifted me with ABC Writing Lessons and it was the perfect resource to pull out for my preschooler learning to write.

I work with Timberdoodle to test out a product they include in their curriculum for kids. They gift me products at no cost to share my honest review.

From Timberdoodle Website:

ABC Writing Lesson

Because legible handwriting remains an essential skill, necessary for communication, give your pre-K student a valuable edge with the new colorful ABC Writing Lesson. This uncomplicated handwriting method is based on repetition in the form of tracing. There are multiple practice pages devoted to each letter, both uppercase and lowercase. Then, after working to develop muscle memory for that letter, the last letter page is for practicing the letter without tracing. 

An instructional example starts each line, so there is no guessing as to how to form the letter. The ABC Writing Lesson pages are nice and thick and easy to erase if necessary. The spaces are very generous and wide. Also included is practice for numbers 1-9. 

When Should My Child Learn To Write?

Honestly, I don’t know if there is a perfect time. I don’t think preschool is the traditional age- this is more commonly started in PreK – and kindergarten which is why this book is included in Timberdoodle’s PreK Kit.

The only reason we have been focusing on writing is that my son wants to we love taking an interest-led approach in our homeschool so if he wants to learn to write his name, then that’s what we are going to focus on, plus seeing him write out is name is ADORABLE!


How Do We Use ABC Writing Lessons in Preschool?

Using the ABC Writing Lesson book as been a huge help! Some letters like “O” my son can just look and copy with no issue, but the letter “C” he was having a hard time grasping where to start and stop which is where this workbook came in perfectly!

This work book took out the guess work for me as far as proper letter formation and gave my son colorful practice pages!

In the workbook you get about 4 pages total of each letter practice which includes both capital and lowercase letters. I do wish there were more practice pages, however, inside the front cover it does say you can get a PDF version from the website and print multiple copies of the pages for extra practice.

Our Final Thoughts on ABC Writing Lessons

Overall I think this is a great tool to have in your resource pile for preschool up to Kindergarten. It really helps me as a teacher show proper letter formation and gives us a good path to practice letter writing! Its colorful and great quality- my son is able to follow the instructions and learn his letter formation.

Even a bonus, it starts teaching number 1-9 towards the end. This is an extremely affordable resource you will want to try! Check it out here: ABC Writing Lesson

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Homeschool Computer Science – Let’s Start Coding Kit Review

If you follow me here on my blog, on Youtube, or my Instagram– you know I am a huge advocate for incorporating computer science lessons in your homeschool.

Computers and Technology are used in every career field, computer skills are extremely important for kids to learn, especially at a young age.

My interest in finding engaging and easy computer science is forever ongoing as there are always new skills to teach our kids. I was so excited when I received the Let’s Start Coding Base Kit from Timberdoodle to review!

I work with Timberdoodle to test out a product they include in their curriculum for kids. They provide my products at no cost to share my honest review.


Let’s Start Coding Base Kit – What is It?

My oldest daughter who is 10 and currently in the 4th grade, has a great interest in coding and robotics. She just finish a semester of robotics in her co-op class. Her eyes lit up when I showed her the Let’s Start Coding Base kit. Unlike past coding classes she has taken which have been online based ( which we did enjoy) this was a physical kit she could touch and create something!

From the Timberdoodle page:

Let’s Start Coding Base Kit, designed by parents, educators, and engineers, gives your creative child a chance to experience hands-on coding. Using the same code language used at NASA, Let’s Start Coding teaches C++ coding through 50 kid-friendly projects. With a computer and Let’s Start Coding, kids learn how computer programming can control physical objects. And they get immediate feedback by plugging in and coding the LED lights and speaker. Parents who are new to coding will be grateful that each project incorporates an online video. It will take your child through the code line by line, clearly explaining the concepts at work. Students with no prior experience will learn how to edit, compile, and execute code with Let’s Start Coding.

Our First Experience Coding with the Let’s Start Coding Base Kit

The way this kit is designed is to be student-led. They give you a website link that is easy step-by-step instructions the student should be able to follow independently. Obviously, I needed to be around to share our experience, but I wanted to stay as hands-off as possible and see if my 10-year-old could complete this.

So…. how did it go?

My 10 year old, who is in 4th grade, was able to follow the initial set up directions to install the USB and make sure the connection was working.

She was able to easily identify the parts in the kit and match them up to the directions.

I will say this kit is more of an intermediate level, this is real coding. My daughter has done previous coding classes but they were not as in-depth as this. The website you use does complete the actual coding for you, but for a kid that has never seen code before might be a little mind-boggling.

If your child is more on the beginner level of coding I highly recommend you are sitting with them completing the activities.

Now with all that being said- my daughter had SO much fun with the different activities. She was able to manipulate the code with hints and recommendations to change the outcome, which made her more confident in the process.

Final Thoughts on Let’s Start Coding Base Kit

I absolutely love that this is a hands-on coding kit. This is actually showing a child code from a screen in real life going to a device. That in itself is amazing and for that reason I highly recommend this coding kit.

I do think that Timberdoodle has this in the 5th grade homeschool kit for a good reason, its more intermediate. I would even say this would be great as a middle or high school elective for computer science.

We will continue to work through our kit and develop or coding skills! Once we get through this kit, I am excited to try out all the other kits that are offered!