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The Benefits of Homeschooling: Statistical Evidence to Support Your Decision

Before we decided to take the leap from public school to homeschool, one of my very first searches was statistics of homeschool kids….because everyone needs proof right? What I found in my research helped me make the decision to homeschool my children.

Are There Actual Benefits to Homeschooling Your Children

Homeschooling has become increasingly popular in recent years, and with good reason. It offers many benefits that traditional education can’t, such as more personal attention, more control over curriculum, and the ability to customize learning to individual needs. But what are the tangible benefits of homeschooling?

Improved Academic Performance

Statistics provide a compelling argument for its effectiveness. One of the biggest benefits of homeschooling is the improved academic performance of students. According to a 2016 study by the National Home Education Research Institute, homeschooled students scored an average of 37 percentile points higher on standardized tests than their public school peers. This means that homeschooled students are more likely to excel in school and have a better chance of getting accepted into college.


Reduced Drop out Rate

Another benefit of homeschooling is that it can help reduce the dropout rate. A study conducted by the University of St. Thomas found that homeschooled high school students were 40 percent less likely to drop out of school than their public school peers. This is likely due to the fact that homeschooled students are able to move at their own pace and don’t feel the pressure to keep up with their classmates.

More Social Opportunities

Finally, homeschooling offers more social opportunities. Contrary to popular belief, homeschooled children are often more socially active than their public school counterparts. A study conducted by the University of Michigan found that homeschooled students were more likely to participate in extracurricular activities and had better social skills than their public school peers. This could be due to the fact that homeschooled students often have more free time to participate in activities outside of school.

Overall, the statistics show that homeschooling is an effective form of education. It provides students with the opportunity to excel academically, reduces the dropout rate, and increases their social activities. So if you’re considering homeschooling for your child, the evidence is there to support your decision.

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