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New Homeschool Science Curriculum Review: Blood Circulation Unit by Heron Books

This Circulation of The Blood Study is a must Have Addition to any Human Body Study. especially as an extension for older kids ages 9-12!

This year we are taking a deep dive into the Human Body, I was so exited to get my hands on a copy of the Circulation of the Blood Unit from the Young Scientist Series by Heron Books! We are currently building our own Human Body Unit Study, and this was an amazing addition for my soon to be 4th grader to give her an extra independent, self-paced activity.

If you haven’t heard of Heron Books, that might be because they are just branching out to the homeschool curriculum world. They have over 45 years of curriculum development but had been mainly focused in small private schools. I am so excited they have decided to branch out to homeschool because they are adding so many great resources for homeschoolers.

Heron Books sent me a free copy to share my honest review and compensated me for my time, as always any opinions expressed are my own.

The Circulation of the Blood study is part of Heron Books, Young Scientist Collection, a series of 11 books for curious children aged 9-12 who want look, explore, discover and experiment. They have released the first books, and plan to release the rest this year! They even offer all 5 books in a package! Take a look at all they have to offer here!

What is the Heron Books approach in their curriculum?

  • Hands-On, engaging approach to learning
  • Self-Paced- Students can work through this independently
  • Activity Packed- Fun activities to help students remember the information
  • NO LESSON PLANNING- truly an open and go!

What comes with in your purchase?

This unit came with everything you need besides a few hands-on experiment supplies, but a great supply list is provided. here is everything you get:

  • The Book/ Course Content– This is what you HAVE to have.
  • Student Learning GuideOptional, but a great tool for students to work independently (I’ll share more down below)
  • Teacher Resources Optional, but also a great resource for homeschool parents

Rather Hear and See my Thoughts?

Watch my Review Below…..

My Initial Thoughts

Going in blind, with no previous blogs or YouTube videos to watch about this curriculum, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I normally do lots of research before using a new curriculum in our homeschool. Also, with this specific course only being on blood circulation, I wasn’t sure how an entire course on one subject would keep the attention of my daughter.

I was pleasantly surprised once we received the material, how well organized and planned out it was. This is huge for me, as a working mom, homeschooling multiple kids, I need curriculum that HELPS, not hinders.

They formulate the course with the Student Learning Guide to basically create a self-paced pathway for the student, and just small check in points with the parent. This is recommended for grade 4th – 6th, after reviewing the material, if you are wanting your child to take more of an independent approach, I think starting at a 4th grade level or higher is perfect. I do think the material is written easy enough for a parent to explain to a younger child, maybe 2nd & 3rd grade could also benefit.

My Favorite Part

Besides the amazing self-paced student guide, my FAVORITE thing about this specific course is not only does it take a deep drive into Blood Circulation and the Circulatory system but it ties in other major body functions and organs to really create a bridge to connect them all. We were currently working on our Human Body Family Unit Study, and I was able to assign this to my older daughter to work independently and it as a great review and deeper look at the topics we had been discussing in our Human Body Unit. This is an amazing addition for older elementary and middle school students to take that deeper dive, independently!

This was such a fun unit to use and add on to our Human Body Unit. My daughter enjoyed having an extension and deeper dive from our family unit.

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I am excited to check out the other Young Scientist units offered by Heron Books, as well as all the other curriculum choices they offer! Be sure to check out Heron Books here:

Rating: 5 out of 5.