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Free Human Body Unit Study for Homeschool

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This fun and engaging homeschool unit study can be used across various ages and levels and is easy to adapt! I am sharing all the resources we used as well as a FREE Lesson plan guide to help you use in your homeschool. You can download the FREE 26-page PDF, 13 Lesson Guide below!

This FREE Homeschool Human Body Unit Study is the perfect addition for your homeschool science curriculum!

The new 2023 Edition was refreshed, removing some resources that weren’t used much or outdated. I also added some more helpful parent notes and guides for some of the lessons.

The guide is a PDF download, there are no student pages to print. You can choose to keep the guide digital or print out. If you download and keep in a PDF format, all linked items should work!

Here is a list of all the Resources I used:

I created an Amazon Storefront Page with all these items: Human Body Amazon Storefront

Main Course Material (REQUIRED)

Main Course Activity Books (REQUIRED)

Optional and Additional Read-Alouds

Optional and Additional Grade Extensions

Fun Add on Activities ( I used these in multiple lessons)

Download FREE Human Body Unit Lesson Plan & Resource Guide

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