Why We Stopped Using The Good and Beautiful Homeschool Curriculum- The Pros and Cons

Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular as parents take control of their children’s education. As with any educational choice, there are pros and cons to each and every curriculum. One of the most popular homeschool curriculum is The Good and Beautiful Homeschool Curriculum, which is designed to be an easy-to-use, open-and-go type of curriculum. We used this curriculum for multiple years and multiple levels and made the decision to quit using The Good and Beautiful.

Teaching a Preschooler to Write Letters – ABC Writing Lesson Review

This past August we “officially” started preschool with my son who was 3 when we started. I say this very lightly as we have no official preschool schedule. We have lots of different resources that we sit down and use whenever we have time and my son is in a school mood. Mostly we focusContinue reading “Teaching a Preschooler to Write Letters – ABC Writing Lesson Review”

5 Ways to Keep Homeschool Kids Engaged in Learning Over Summer – For FREE

Even though we were keeping pretty busy, when we weren’t busy, we were itching to have some educational time. Yes you read that correctly, my kids were actually asking to do school. That’s one joy to homeschool, kids don’t dread it (most of the time).

I didn’t want to break into our curriculum for our upcoming school year, so I came up with 5 ways to keep my kids engaged in learning over summer.

Engaging Homeschool Learning Program – BrainPOP Homeschool Curriculum Review

As soon as I started introducing learning videos to my kids from BrainPOP, it grabbed their attention. The fun, educational videos kept my kids intrigued. BrainPOP creates an active learning experience that keep kids highly engaged, rather than passive and inattentive.

The variety of topics to learn from and the variety of activities that go along with each topic will guarantee years of educational fun! The hardest thing for me was choosing where to start, there are so many great topics to choose from! They are also always adding new and exciting topics!

A Beautiful Way to Learn the USA – Homeschool Geography Curriculum Review

This year in our homeschool, our goal is to learn the 50 States! We found the perfect unit study to help us along the way as well as brush up our geography skills. Beautiful Feet Books just released a new Geography Through Literature program and I am so excited to share it with you!

New Homeschool Science Curriculum Review: Blood Circulation Unit by Heron Books

I was pleasantly surprised once we received the material, how well organized and planned out it was. This is huge for me, as a working mom, homeschooling multiple kids, I need curriculum that HELPS, not hinders.

Human Body Unit Study -FREE Lesson Plan & Resource Guide!

I really wanted a Human Body Unit that worked for my family and included some great resources! This fun and engaging homeschool unit study can be used across various ages and levels and is easy to adapt! I am sharing all the resources we used as well as a FREE Lesson plan guide to help you use in your homeschool. You can download the FREE 21-page PDF, 13 Lesson Guide below!

Why Did We Choose a Literature-Based Homeschool Curriculum?

They plan EVERYTHING for you, yes you read that correctly, they plan everything for you. This was really important to me as a working and homeschooling mom to multiple kids.

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