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BookShark Virtual – How to Use It In Your Homeschool

As a working, homeschooling mom of multiple kids- I am always looking for curriculum that helps, not hinders our homeschool. BookShark is one of my favorite curriculums as our family has a love for books and they do a lot of the heavy lifting for us parents.

I have used BookShark the traditional way which is great, but once I saw the new Virtual option, its opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

I was able to try out BookShark Virtual in our homeschool this year thanks to my on-going partnership with BookShark! They offered me a free virtual seat that we could use- as always any opinions expressed are my own.

What is BookShark Virtual?

BookShark Virtual, takes that BIG instructors guide and binder- and places it all in a device friendly online portal. That means you can access your BookShark schedule from your phone, tablet, or computer…….no more bulky binder!

This means, BookShark can go anywhere with you! Long car rides, doctor appts, even airplane rides.! Anywhere you can think of- because its all at your fingertips (just don’t forget your reading books).

Can BookShark Virtual help with Independence?

As children grow and change, I have to adjust how much time I dedicate to each child, with my oldest going into a 4th grade level, she is bridging to more independence. Being able to let her use BookShark Virtual this year allowed BookShark to turn into a more independent course. She can sign into her account, and it walks her through step by step what needs to be completed for the day.

It asks her discussion questions, has her practice map activities, and prompts her when its time to move on to the next item.

We still do the main course books together, because I am just a big fan of learning, but having this amazing tool gives me the break I need to spend more time with another child and lets my daughter complete activities more independently.

Once your child logs on to BookShark Virtual, they have a day by day guide broken down by the same sections you would see in the traditional instructor guide, once they click on the first activity, they will see more detail instructions one activity at a time.

Did I Mention – BookShark Virtual Can Go ANYWHERE?

The beautiful thing of homeschool is you aren’t bound to your home to learn. You can learn on a nature walk, a grandparents house, or even in an airplane! The BookShark virtual option allows you more flexibility as it can be accessed on any deceive!

As a working mom, I can have my daughter complete her lessons using BookShark Virtual while she is with her grandparents, and then log into my parent portal to review her answers and complete any needed grading. It truly can go anywhere!

Using BookShark Virtual

There are so many great resources from the BookShark team that teach you how to use BookShark Virtual and all the tips and tricks. I know I learned so much and keep learning each time I want those videos. I recommend trying it at least for a year to see how much it will help in your homeschool and f you want, create more independence for your child.

BookShark Virtual can be added on to any of their programs like Science and Language arts!

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