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Learning American Sign Language: Mr.D’s ASL Course for Homeschool

Learning American Sign Language (ASL) in homeschool is an invaluable skill that can open the door to a world of opportunities. As a parent of a homeschool student who has an interest in learning ASL, and has tried various programs, I was thrilled to discover the Mr.D ASL course for homeschooled students.

I did receive access to this ASL course in exchange for my honest review.

Not only does this course provide my daughter with the opportunity to learn ASL, it also allows her to do so in a convenient and enjoyable way. The course is designed to be both informative and engaging. The materials are accessible and easy to follow, and the instruction is clear and thorough.

My daughter particularly enjoys the interactive activities that help to reinforce the concepts she is learning. Additionally, the instructor, is friendly and engaging, she has a vast knowledge of ASL and sign language. She has been able to answer all of my daughter’s questions and has been extremely helpful in guiding her through the course.

The Benefits of Learning American Sign Language

The benefits of learning ASL are numerous. For starters, it allows people to communicate with those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. It also introduces students to a whole new language and culture, one which is rich in history and full of interesting people. Learning ASL can also help to improve communication skills and enhance problem solving skills, and can even help to improve literacy.

  • Increased Cognition
    • Studies have shown that learning American Sign Language (ASL) increases cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, memory, and spatial recognition.
  • Increased Empathy
    • Those who learn ASL gain a greater understanding of the deaf community and develop more empathy for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.
  • Improved Communication Skills
    • Learning ASL helps improve communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal, which can be beneficial in any profession.
  • Improved Academic Performance
    • Learning ASL has been linked to improved academic performance in areas such as reading and writing.
  • Enhanced Job Opportunities
    • Those who know ASL may have access to jobs in fields such as teaching, healthcare, social work, and interpreting.

Mr. D’s American Sign Language Courses

We have tried various ASL programs, and by far Mr.D’s ASL courses have been our favorite. The self-paced courses, amazing teacher, and quick feedback will keep us continuing to use these courses.

We are currently using the ASL 1 course designed for grades 6th-12th. This is a middle school/ high school level course. They offer ASL 1, 2, &3 at this level. If you have a highschool student and your state requires and accepts ASL as a foreign language, these can be used to complete high school credits.

My daughter has been learning ASL for over 2 years, so we decided to choose this higher level course. If you have an elementary student who is just starting out learning ASL, I would recommend starting with Mr.D’s ASL Elementary course. This course is designed for grades K-5 and is great for beginners.

These courses are self-paced. The student logs onto the portal and works through the course and lessons at their own pace. Each lesson has videos, activities, printables, quizzes, and homework.

In my daughters course at then end of each lesson she has to submit a video as her homework. ASL is something that needs to be visually seen, submitting videos is a perfect way to ensure she understands. I am able to help her take a video on my phone and I just log in to her course to upload the video.

My favorite thing about this course is the feedback she receives after submitting her video assignment. Her teacher is fluent in ASL and gives her quick feedback about hand placement and any tips to work on.

Check out my Youtube Video Review on Mr.D’s ASL Course:

Would I Recommend Mr.D’s American Sign Language Courses?

Overall, I highly recommend the Mr.D ASL course for homeschooled students. Not only does it provide a convenient and enjoyable way for students to learn ASL, but also offers numerous benefits. My daughter has been taking the course for a few months now and has already seen an improvement in her ability to understand and communicate using ASL. I’m confident that with continued practice, she will be able to become proficient in this amazing language.

We plan on continuing to use Mr.D’s American Sign Language courses throughout our homeschool journey and as our foreign language credits in highschool.

The courses cost around $6 per lesson, and $197 for the entire course. These are very well priced, I haven’t seen any lessons on ASL for less than $6. If you need to budget monthly for cost, factor in about $16.50/month for this course. The online program we previously used was $39 per month!