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I really wanted a Human Body Unit that worked for my family and included some great resources! This fun and engaging homeschool unit study can be used across various ages and levels and is easy to adapt! I am sharing all the resources we used as well as a FREE Lesson plan guide to help you use in your homeschool. You can download the FREE 21-page PDF, 13 Lesson Guide below!


Here is a list of all the Resources I used:

Main Course Material

Main Course Activity Books

Additional Read-Alouds

Additional Grade Extensions

Fun Add on Activities ( I used these in multiple lessons)


Download FREE Human Body Unit Lesson Plan & Resource Guide Link Below:

This Human Body Unit Study is something I put together for my family, Feel free to use as a guide to create your own unit study! I am a homeschool mom to three kids, I have 9 & 7 year old daughters as well as a 3 year old son. These lessons can be used across all elementary age levels and can be adjusted for lower and higher grades. Any resources used including books and videos should always be prescreened by the parent, just because it works in my home does not mean it will work in yours.

Ashlee – Dash of Homeschool

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Why Did We Choose a Literature-Based Homeschool Curriculum?

As we are adjusting to another year of homeschool, I decided to make a change in our curriculum. We had a not-so-great experience with our first round of a family style history unit. After that, I decided to investigate a curriculum company that has had my interest since I first wanted to homeschool.

There are a few reasons this company had my interest-

  1. They plan EVERYTHING for you, yes you read that correctly, they plan everything for you. This was really important to me as a working and homeschooling mom to multiple kids.
  2. History is hard to understand in general BUT my kids are avid readers and love reading books, so a literature-based curriculum was a winner!

Ok so, now that have your attention, we decided to use BookShark’s Level D History with Reading + Language Arts for my 9-year-old daughter going into her 4th grade year.

So how exactly does BookShark work? From BookShark’s Website:

Reading with History D links BookShark’s proprietary subjects together. History, Geography, Read-Alouds, Readers and Language Arts are integrated (Language Arts can be purchased separately). Meet Paul Revere in a history book, then see him in a Reader. Get to know George Washington in a biography, then see him again through children’s eyes in Johnny Tremain and Phoebe the Spy. As your children learn and discover in this style, they’ll make astonishing connections between the people, places and events in American History.

This curriculum includes Family Read Alouds, Independent Readers, and so much more! My daughter will learn American History through both fiction and non-fiction stories that will prompt for bigger discussions.

Did I mention they plan it all out for you? THIS IS AMAZING!

BookShark’s curriculum comes with a 36 week, 4 days/week instructor guide that plans out EACH and EVERY day for you! They plan out all the readings, activities, so all you have to do is open and go!

We are so excited to be using this literature-based homeschool curriculm from BookShark! Interested in learning more? Check out their website here I also created a video on why we chose BookShark. Check that out below:

4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Heading into our second year of homeschooling we feel much more prepared. We learned a lot about curriculum in our first year and had a lot of trial and error. These are my picks for my 4th grade daughter age 9, going into 4th grade for the 2022-2023 school year! If you want to watch my full detailed video of my curriculum picks, check that out here:

Here are the picks per subject:


Good & Beautiful Math 4 –


Good & Beautiful Handwriting Level 4

Daily 6 Trait Writing – Level 4

Building Writers Level E


Daily Science Level 4 – Evan Moore


STEAM – Evan Moore Skill Sharpeners

Critical Thinking – Evan Moore Skill Sharpeners

History, Reading, & Language Arts

BookShark Level D – Shop Here

I’ve been wanting to use BookShark every since I decived to homeschool, so I decided this upcoming school year we were going to try it out! We are using their Level D History with Reading + Language Arts. This is the Year 1 of American History. BookShark is a literature-based curriculum which will teach through reading. I have an entire video on why I chose this:

2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Heading into our second year of homeschooling we feel much more prepared. We learned a lot about curriculum in our first year and had a lot of trial and error. These are my picks for my 2nd-grade daughter age 7, going into 2nd grade for the 2022-2023 school year! If you want to watch my full detailed video of my curriculum picks, check that out here:

2nd Grade Curriclum Homeschool Choices
Math Curriculum

TGAB Level 2 Math –

Spelling & Writing Curriculum

Spelling You See – Level C –

Geography Curriculum

Evan Moore- Skill Sharpeners Geography –

Science Curriculum

Evan Moore -Daily Science Student Book –

STEAM & Critical Thinking

Evan Moore STEAM –

Evan Moore Critical Thinking –

Language Arts Curriculum

TGAB Level 2 Language Arts –

Reading Curriculum

Book Shark Readers – Level 4 – BookShark Reader Schedule – Evan Moore Information Reading –

5 Affordable Ways to Build Your Homeschool Library

A few weeks into homeschooling I realized I needed to step up our book game. We had a fair amount of books but I had plans…..books were going to be a huge part of our everyday homeschool plan. I had to build up our library, fast and affordably!

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Here are 5 affordable ways to build your homeschool library, and keep building it!

#1 The Book Outlet

This is my #1 and FAVORITE way to affordably build my homeschool library! You get great prices on books that are practically new!

Check out Book Outlet here– if this is your first order, you will get $5 off your order of $25 or more, and support my book habit, I will also earn $5 in book credits!

Just an example, my last order I got 22 books for $64.07- Shipped! All books were like new!

From Book Outlet: Bargain books are excess inventory and store returns that we purchased directly from various publishers. We purchased these books for amazing prices and we pass along these savings to our customers by selling them for up to 90% off publisher’s list price. These books are new and in good reading condition and will, in most cases, have a small dot or line on the edge of the book to signify it is a discounted title. In addition, since our books are excess inventory from publishers, there may be very minor wear, tear or bends to the book and this can be expected since some items may have been handled a few times before arriving to us. However, the majority of our books are in good reading condition.

#2 Amazon

How could Amazon not make the list, they have great options for getting books at affordable prices. Books always seem to be on sale, and if they aren’t on sale, then you can normally find a cheaper option from “another seller” but still get it with amazon prime. When I am looking for specific books I always head to amazon and get them for at least 50% less than retail.

For example, the book below retails for $12.99, Amazon already offers it discounted but you can find it even cheaper from other sellers. Click here to see

#3 Costco or Sam’s Club

I really never thought about buying books when I was stocking up on groceries. But, I found great book packs at Costco and Sam’s Club! Most recently I purchased the Roald Dahl 15 book collection for $32, which is $2.13 per book, and Five Nights at Freddy’s 5 book collection (I have a horror fan) for $24, which is $4.80 per book. The 2nd book pack was more of a splurge but still cheaper than buying the books at a book fair. These stores always seem to have rotating series for good prices, an easy way to stock up on a good series!

#4 Facebook Groups

This is a fabulous way to find tons of books for a great price! Shipping is also reasonable because most sellers use media mail shipping. There are tons of groups, even some that are teacher specific which they have huge lots of books to sell. Here is a group that I follow:

Join this group by clicking here!

Lots of posts every day and great prices! You could even sell your old books to break even or make a profit! So….this could technically be FREE!

#5 The Book Bundler

This was our largest and most affordable book haul. We got 35 books for $60 ($20 of that was just shipping). For those math wizs, that’s $1.71 per book! They are used books, but in good condition and totally acceptable for homeschooling. Here is what we got in our first order:

  • 10 Magic Treehouse Chapter Books (8 Paperback & 2 Hardcover)
  • 5 Diary of a Wimpy Kid (All Hardcover)
  • 5 Ask Me Why Science Books (All Hardcover)
  • 5 Who/What Was Educational Series (All Paperback)
  • 5 Captain Underpants Books (All Paperback)
  • 5 I Spy Books (All Hardcover)

This website has great customer service, I happened to get a few duplicate books in my order and all I had to do was send them a message and I got replacements within a week- NO HASSLE. Seriously check them out, they even have huge boxes with over 100 books for a great price. Also, if they aren’t running a sale, use my code to get an extra 15% off your order: ASHLEE02413

Can you work full-time and homeschool your children?

Short answer, YES!

In our household, both parents work full-time out of the home and we homeschool multiple children. Is it easy? Not always, but it’s possible and we are really enjoying it.

The first thing you have to do when thinking about making the switch to homeschool is forget everything you know about a traditional school. There is no possible way if you work 8-5, you can homeschool from 8-5. You have to figure out how to work a homeschool schedule around your work schedule. Guess what? It’s ok to teach at 6 o’clock at night, it’s also ok to do lessons on Saturdays! You make the rules and figure out what works best for you and your kids.

What about childcare?

This topic I am going to touch on very briefly, you need to figure out what works for your family, school shouldn’t be looked at as childcare anyway. Thankfully we have a great family support system that assists us in that area, but all they do is provide care, they do not assist with any homeschooling- that is all on us as parents.

What does our schedule look like?

I only plan out 1 week at a time, I spend 1 hour on a Sunday planning our week. I plan daily, individual tasks Monday – Thursday that should only take a couple hours to complete. My kids enjoy using technology, and this helps TONS while working full-time and homeschooling. This is huge when trying to homeschool and work, you must have INDEPENDENT children. Besides their online lessons, which take only 20-40 minutes per day, I plan out supplemental worksheets and projects. My goal is 2-3 hours MAX per day on schoolwork.

So can you do it? Can you work full-time and homeschool?

Of course, but it’s going to take work. My biggest recommendation is to plan 1 week at a time, plan around your work schedule, and share this with your kids. This might even take a bit of “unschooling” to get yourself and them use to a non-traditional school schedule. One of the great benefits of homeschooling is you do it your way and what works best for your family, once you have that understanding you can do anything!

I would love to hear how you balance working and homeschooling! Please leave a comment below!

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