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Homeschooling Resource for Struggling Readers: BuddyBooks by ObjectiveEd

In the homeschool community, it’s often common to hear stories of kids who absolutely love to read and do so all the time. However, this stereotype can be challenging for parents whose children struggle with reading.

Discover how BuddyBooks by ObjectiveEd, an online resource designed for struggling readers with dyslexia, ADHD, or autism, can provide valuable support and make a significant impact on your child’s reading journey.

I was provided free access to BuddyBooks in exchange for my honest review

BuddyBooks by ObjectiveEd is an online resource specifically designed to provide valuable support for struggling readers. With a focus on individuals with dyslexia, ADHD, or autism, BuddyBooks ensures that their reading experience is both enjoyable and productive.

BuddyBooks by ObjectiveEd offers a wide range of engaging books and specially curated materials, making it an invaluable tool for enhancing reading skills. If you’re looking for a resource that can have a positive impact on your child’s reading abilities, look no further than BuddyBooks.

BuddyBooks has technology that helps children when they struggle

BuddyBook’s Library and Book Selections

In BuddyBooks‘ library, you can assign your child a book that suits their reading level and interests. However, it’s important to note that the library has fewer selections for children without a qualified learning disability diagnosis.

For children with a qualified learning disability, BuddyBooks allows you to connect a BookShare account, giving them access to a vast library of popular titles.

BuddyBooks does plan to include more book options in the future for children who do not qualify for Bookshare accounts.

BuddyBooks has technology that helps children when they struggle

Learning Disability Diagnostics

If you suspect your child may have a learning disability BuddyBooks offers a money-back guarantee on the cost of NeuroLearning screening for parents who purchase BuddyBooks.

If the tested child is not eligible for Bookshare, BuddyBooks will refund the $50 for the screening. If the child is eligible, the child would have access to the entire Bookshare library at no cost until the child is 18.

Bookshare books can be accessed from within BuddyBooks by entering the Bookshare username & password into BuddyBooks. Bookshare books are also available using Bookshare’s web browser reading app, but that does not provide any of the features of BuddyBooks.

BuddyBooks Active Independent Practice

BuddyBooks‘ unique BuddyReading™ method offers an interactive and engaging online reading program. Your child will read with a computer partner, taking turns reading passages.

This approach helps children feel comfortable practicing and improves their self-confidence.

Additionally, BuddyBooks uses a multisensory approach that caters to different learning styles, breaking up long paragraphs into short chunks to alleviate reading fatigue and improve reading stamina.

BuddyBooks has technology that helps children when they struggle
BuddyBooks has technology that helps children when they struggle

During my daughter’s experience with the BuddyReading system, I was amazed at how engaged she remained. This unique approach provides accurate reporting, including recordings of your child’s reading.

The alternating approach between the child and the computer partner keeps the child engaged while lessening the overall reading burden.

This method is particularly beneficial for students who prefer audiobooks over physical books.

BuddyBooks Parent Reporting and Resources

With BuddyBooks by ObjectiveEd, we have access to a range of helpful reporting features and resources that allow us to actively support our child’s progress.

One of the great features offered by BuddyBooks is the Reading Time Tracking Calendar. This calendar helps us keep track of our child’s reading habits and monitor their progress over time. By seeing how much time they dedicate to reading each day, we can ensure consistency and identify any patterns that may impact their reading skills.

BuddyBooks has technology that helps children when they struggle

Another valuable reporting feature provided by BuddyBooks is the fluency and words per minute reporting. These metrics give us insights into our child’s reading speed and proficiency. We can track improvements in their fluency and pinpoint areas where they may need extra practice or support.

BuddyBooks has technology that helps children when they struggle

But what truly sets BuddyBooks apart is the ability to review and listen to our child’s reading sessions. By accessing recordings of their reading, we can identify any challenges they may be facing, such as mispronunciations or word skipping. This gives us a clear understanding of the specific areas where they need our guidance and support.

BuddyBooks has technology that helps children when they struggle

My Overall Thoughts of BuddyBooks by ObjectiveEd

BuddyBooks by ObjectiveEd is a valuable resource for parents of struggling readers in the homeschooling community. With its wide range of engaging books, support for learning disabilities, and unique BuddyReading™ method, BuddyBooks offers an effective and enjoyable way to enhance reading skills.

By utilizing their multisensory approach and providing accurate reporting, BuddyBooks ensures that children with dyslexia, ADHD, or autism can make significant progress in their reading journey.

Whether your child has a qualified learning disability or not, BuddyBooks is committed to providing accessible and beneficial resources. Say goodbye to discouragement and isolation, and say hello to a brighter reading future with BuddyBooks by ObjectiveEd.

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BuddyBooks has technology that helps children when they struggle

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