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Homeschool February Fun: Planning for February Holidays

February is a busy month for homeschoolers! February holidays this month: Black History Month, Groundhog Day, Presidents Day, and Valentines day. There are so many opportunities for field trips and learning activities. I will be sharing all the resources here on this page including activities, decorations, and books. This page will be updated frequently with new things, make sure to save it for all your Homeschool February planning!

February Homeschool Planning Ideas:

Black History Month Homeschool Ideas:

This is a time to learn about the important contributions of black Americans to our country and world. There are lots of great books and resources to help teach about this topic.

Ideas for activities include:

FREEBIE- Black History Month Passage

  • Research and create a presentation on a prominent figure in black history, such as Martin Luther King Jr. or Harriet Tubman.
  • Read and discuss books about the Civil Rights Movement, such as “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee or “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett.
  • Watch and discuss documentaries or films that depict important moments or figures in black history, such as “Selma” or “Malcolm X.”

Black History Month Decorations:

Our Bulliten Board Decor (FREE)

Black History Month Book Recommendations:

Groundhog Day Homeschool Ideas (February 2nd) :

This holiday is all about predicting the weather. Have your students research different groundhogs and make predictions about how much winter is left.

Groundhog Day Mini Unit – FREE

Groundhog Day Pintables ($3.00)

Other ideas include:

  • Create a groundhog puppet and use it to act out the story of Groundhog Day.
  • Research the history of Groundhog Day and create a timeline or presentation to share with your family.
  • Make a groundhog day craft, such as a groundhog paper bag puppet or a groundhog themed decoration for your home.

Groundhog Day Decorations

Groundhog Day Book Recommendations

Valentines Day Homeschool Ideas (February 14th)

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for students to learn about love and relationships. Here are three activities that students can do on Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day Activity Book (FREE with Teacher Club Card)

  • Create homemade valentines cards using various art materials like construction paper, markers, and glitter.
  • Have a valentine’s day themed cooking class and make delicious treats like heart-shaped cookies or chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Research the history of Valentine’s Day and create a presentation to share with your family. You can also include different customs and traditions from different cultures.

Valentines Day Decorations

Valentines Day Book Recommendations

Presidents Day Homeschool Ideas (February 20th)

This holiday celebrates the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Have your students learn more about these two presidents and do activities related to them. Ideas include: -making a flag of the United States -writing a speech as George Washington -creating a presidential seal -designing a campaign poster for Abraham Lincoln

If I was a President for the Day Writing Sheet (FREE with Teacher Club Card)

  • Research a specific president and create a presentation or report on their life, accomplishments, and impact on the country.
  • Create a timeline of the history of the American presidency and include important events and key figures.
  • Have a mock presidential election in your home. Family members can learn about the voting process and make speeches as their favorite presidents or candidates.

Presidents Day Decorations

Do you have any homeschool resources to share for February? Leave them in the comments:

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